1. Is it save to drive a Quad Safari?

Yes, driving quads is as safe as you make it. Like driving any other vehicle, a lot depends on the behavior of the driver. Before setting off on our adventure, we will go over the functions of the quads and instruct you on how to drive. After a short test drive on our parking we will leave for the mountains.

2. How long do the trips take?

All our day safaries are about 47-50Km long. You will be gone from the hotel for about 4-5h. The Sunset tour is about 27Km and takes 2-3h.

3. Do we stop for photos?

Yes, your guide will stop at several beautiful spots for you to enjoy the magnificent views. We will also have a break at a local kafinion where you can go to the toilet and buy a refreshment.  

4. Do you need a drivers licence?

Yes, in Greece all drivers require a driving licence.

5. Are we insured?

Both driver and passenger are insured for personal injury, the quad is insured for 3rd party. For accidents between the quads or single sided, there is a self risk of a 1000euro per incident.

6. How do we get to the departure point?.

We will pick you up in front of your hotel or at the office where you have booked. All pickups and returns in the Rethymno area are included.

7. Do the quads have storage space?.

Yes, every quad has a big storage box for you to use. Feel free to bring drinks or your camera.